couldn't catch common carp
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Author:  srsthyn [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  couldn't catch common carp

hello everyone!!!!!

today i went for fishing in a dam near my area..

i used live bait(earth worm)

i couldnt catch a single carp out of many..y so? :oops:

i used a weight/lead to sink to bottom and didnt use float..

what is the best way to catch carp using float or bottom fishing using weight? :?:

and what bait is better one to catch carp? aata paste or earth worm?? :idea:

apart from my question, any suggestions regarding the carp fishing are welcome :-)

Author:  vijayfisher [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:25 pm ]
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srsthyn--- First you should select the right spot for fishing in the DAM. My suggestion is to find the mouth of the dam.
The best fishing season in the Nilgiris are Middle of March ,April , MAy , June and November.

Monsoon starts on the middle of June ,July, Agust and september, where the water temperature will be very cold , drizlling and windy so you will find very hard to hook a fish especially in the dams and its also applicable in the lake too.

which ever bite you choose it willnot help you out.

During on the month of November and December the temperature of the water will high upto 41F and it should reduce to 39F so the cycling will be going on the whole day.During the evening hrs the water temperature will get reduced and you will able to land fish from 16.00hrs IST.During the month of December you will be able to hook a fish after 19.00hrs IST.

1.AATA paste and Bread mixed with turmeric powder are good for summer season fishing but they will not last for long and it will get dissolved soon.

2.Earthworm and Leeches are best bite for ranning season

I hooked almost 600gms to 1kg Carp by using leeches.



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