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Author:  shah747 [ Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Share your trusted Fishing Knots


I wish to share some of my passion when I have little chance to fish, practicing my knots. There are many fishing knots we can learn from the net and from season anglers, many I am sure on this forum.

I start fishing at a very young age as I grew up in a village near the shore and paddy fields. The first knot I learn to tie mono to a hook by snelling a uni-knot I learned from my father.

Years later before the age of internet, when I venture into fishing away further from the shore. I notice that I know so little of the essential knots skills. I bought a book at a local angling shop written by an Aussie, I forgot the author though! That was the start of me learning more about fishing and anglers world.

There are many types of knots out there you can find from the net, but some I learn from the local fisherman whom swear on its effectiveness. Local fisherman do this everyday, so they knew better, practical knots as some times they have to do this on a rough sea. Some are so finesse a work of art.. you never can find in in the net. I wish I have some pics to share but maybe later when I can get some mono of different colour to demonstrate.

Ok, practically I normally use the strongest knots but easy to tie.

For tying a mono to a hook or swivel or an O ring, I preferred knots is the PALOMAR Knot... It is simple, strongest knot I knew and you can even do it in the dark (with the moon light of course). If you notice you will have "double" wrap of mono, which means the strength of the knots is doubled.
If I am using a braid to an O ring or swivel, I may finish the knots with a UNI-Knots... that is it... I don't use other knots now when I go fishing. I trust this knots 100% but make sure you do it clean without 'injuring' the mono line.

Now, for lure casting, plugging, popping and jigging my preferred is the FJ Knots if not FG knots... similar but not the same. the size both knots will be the same but not to over do it (knots must not to be long, max of 2-3 cm). You will have a smoother cast

The BIMINI TWIST being one of the earliest knots I learned, primarily for trolling the Big Mac or Rapala CD18. When the sea is rough, I switch to a Spider wraps (twist). The beauty of a Spider wraps, it is easy to do (again, even in the dark) and you can doubled the loops so double strength to joint the swivel. ( for serious fishing, I normally use ROSCO swivel).

When the target fish being the toothy fellows... I will use the FIGURE 8 to join the shock leader to a multi strand wire. Do not mistaken with the other FIGURE 8 you can find on the net... I can't find (yet) the one I am using from the net, maybe there is but I cant find it there... It a trick we learned from a season angler who is a sort of a legend for 'killing' the mighty King Mac and giant cudas... (live bait) when the fish being too sensitive to the environment, we change to a max of 30lb shock leader and 40lb(max) multi strand steel wire... and we need a SMALL and strong knot ... I find it difficult to draw it (a hopeless art student) ... but we got to meet-up to demonstrate... hehehe ... over a cuppa tea...

Thats is all for now... got to do my namaz...

Lets make the forum livelier by sharing more ... :wink:

Author:  IndianAngler [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:03 am ]
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Thanks for sharing.....very useful information.

Author:  lure_fisherman [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:05 am ]
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Nice writeup. Thanks for sharing!

I prefer the San Diego jam knot for tying braid or mono to an eye of a swivel or a snap. I use Spro swivels and either Rosco dual lock snaps or Tactical Angler clips to connect my line to lure. Recently started using the FG knot for fishing rocky areas for fish like groupers and such. Like you mentioned, keeping a bite knot (like the FG) not too long is very important to prevent the knot from loosening from one end to the other....

Author:  h_venkatesan [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:36 pm ]
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Very nice write up and thanks for sharing!!

I first not I learnt is also the snell Knot and I use 2 kind of snell knot. The first knot is the common snell knot commonly found in the internet and the second kind is a similar variation taught by local fisherman, which is not easily found in the internet.

For any other thing other than tying to the shank of the hook, I use uni-knot. I swear by uni-knot and I can tie it any where any-time. Uni-knot has never failed for me.

I tired FG knot and I saw few of my rapala flying past the horizon. Still trying to master the FG knot.. The cast was smoother and I never felt the knot..

Author:  pradeepSWAIN [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:00 pm ]
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Nice discussion...... :-)

Yesterday I saw knotless knot for carp fishing. Is that reliable?

Author:  lure_fisherman [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:39 pm ]
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h_venkatesan wrote:
I tired FG knot and I saw few of my rapala flying past the horizon. Still trying to master the FG knot.. The cast was smoother and I never felt the knot..

I'll bring some spare line on the trip.
Mine held up well last time, but it's been a while since I tied one now....
I'll have to at least tie half a dozen practice knots before I tie one with my main line :)

Author:  shah747 [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:42 pm ]
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pradeepSWAIN wrote:
Nice discussion...... :-)

Yesterday I saw knotless knot for carp fishing. Is that reliable?

Hi Pradeep,

Knotless Knot is another knot I commonly use when I need to tie more multiple hooks especially for live bait or dead baitfishing to secure the bait from being bullied!!! hahaha

I have a nice story related to this knot... It was a day of me getting "schooled" by the Spanish Mackerel or King Macackerel... As we are aware, predatory fish like Barracudas and the King Mac having a behavior of "injuring" its victim before the kill?

The current was just nice for DRIFT fishing ... Just nice for drifting the live bait .... Unfortunately the live bait available being a bit on bigger size, we got no choice but to bait it... I was using a 30lb florocarbon shock leader and use the "figure 8" to join a 8inch 30lb multistrand steel wire (rustic colour for "invincible" mode .... Using a circle hook we bait the fish and let it swing with the current.... to make story short, we got a hit but no hook up.... checking the bait and it was still alive... but without its tail ..... I use a another fish but now I am using 2 hooks, the second hook is on a KNOTLESS knot with the wire..... next we got another hit but no hook up again... Now this time the the bait was decapitated .... dang!!! and we go pissed off as we are shot of live bait.

Next... another method used.... we call it a SUICIDE BAIT !!!....Now Its 3 hooks on a dead fish bait... all 3 hooks on the steel wire... first hook locked through the eye (KNOTLESS Knot)... the wire no go invincible through the head and push it through the middle of the fish and another hook goes free with NO knot and hook to the middle upper part of the bait.... the wire go through the flesh again and the final hook on a TRILENE KNOT near the tail ..... NOW YOU DIE MR. MACK!!!!

Guess what!!! .. MR> MACK make fun of me AGAIN!!!! He took it for a run but some how MR. MACK didnt got hooked!!!! Multiple Dang!!!! The bait was gutted!!! Somehow it seems MR.MAC was taking its time to check where the hooks were ... and no hook on the belly!!!!

OK ... OK .. MR.MACK 3 vs SHAH '0' .... the cruel part of this event was... MR.MACK did a VICTORY Arial Show!!!! ARrrrggHHHHH!!!!

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Author:  shah747 [ Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:07 pm ]
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Dear Admin,

It was my oversight and requesting you to relocate this Subject to BAIT, TACKLE & TACTICS ...


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